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Option to automatically open the "Edit text" input


As silly as it seems, analyzing the behaviour of my clients I noticed most of them try to edit the text by writing in the font input field instead of double clicking the text and editing it.

It would be most helpful if it could be an option on settings to auto-open the "Edit text" text input as soon as they click any text they want to edit. 

I always thought double clicking the text to edit would be quite user friendly, but you would be amazed by how many users try again and again writing in the font input field. Automatically opening the "Edit text" text input would be amazingly useful.

Thanks in advance :)

(88.3 KB)

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@Eric - Did you find a way to accomplish this?

This says implemented. How do I enable it?


In General settings of Fancy Product Designer.

Thanks Radykal

how can we implements on Jquery Plugins ??


I couldn't find the option, could you specify the location of this option? Please

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