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Set position of media upload dialogue box

 I may be missing a setting that's already there - is it possible to change the position of the media upload box - where it appears on canvas after clicking on upload zone?

Top position of .fpd-draggable-dialog.fpd-active is set inline, so custom css won't do it.


Best Answer

UI & Layout composer, layout tab.


UI & Layout composer, layout tab.

Hi Johnny - don't think I explained it properly (or I'm still missing something) here are some images:


customer clicks on the canvas/upload zone ...

Dialogue appears oriented towards the top of the canvas as set here:
<div class="fpd-draggable-dialog fpd-container fpd-shadow-2 fpd-grid-columns-2 ui-draggable fpd-active" style="top: 1062.92px;">


I'd like to have it appear further down the canvas:


Thanks for your time


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