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Color selection in MSPC


I have setup 20 color options for my product using the hex values but for the user there is no indication that they can change the colour of the product?

Is there a way to add the color choice into the MSPC? So if I add them as product attributes/variations can a user select the colour thumbnail and my base layer png will change to the correct colour?

you can see my work in progress here: http://www.fkicabinets.com.au/product/ravello-bedside-table/

selecting the colour is replacing the back png layer. I have set the attribute to have only one color but it stays the original grey until you click the image and select the yellow.

If I do have to keep the standard color selection process, is it possible to disable the transparency selection?

thanks for your help.


Best Answer

No sorry, thats not possible!

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No sorry, thats not possible!

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