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Canvas Bleed & Margins Tool

PLEASE LOOK AT IMAGE. i made a similar post, but was referred to PDF output which doesnt have anything about canvas aids for bleeds and margins

This is for print items, and would be like a ruler button in canvas. Its not exported, just an aid to guide Admins and Front end users. I thought it maybe hard to add two internal borders, so if its easier for developtment make it transparent PNG image admins can upload.

(new button added; default colors but i made it red and blue to demonstrate on and off)


NEW: bleed & margins tool enable/upload


Where I can find the "bleed & margins tool enable/upload" buttons?

The bleed box can only be rectangular. Any exported print is rectangular so its not possible to have any other shape.

Will this only work w/ rectangle images? Can we have bleeds on circles or heart for example?

Included in 3.8.8

it was said the pdf output would have bleed but i still dont see it. any way to get this to user end panal?

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