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Static image modification for customer uploads

Hello I sell customizable carved wood and suede phone cases. I want the uploaded images converted to certain settings so customers can see what their product gonna look like. I already tried the options to set the image black and white but it does not work for me.

Theese are the settings I need:

Filters :  Black and white
Color manipulation : Contrast ; Maxed out

                                    Remove white; Maxed out

I attached some screenshots to be more clear. I bought your addon and  it is currently active on my site, here is the link: http://carvingo.com/urun/samsung-kendin-tasarla/

As you can see on the images it is kinda hard for customers to find right settings , if we can manage this to work I will buy multistep product configurator addon aswell but its currently postponed because of our current situation

(517 KB)
(334 KB)
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Can a moderator please remove this post please? I think this post should be under "feature request" title and I made a new one there

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