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Last Step Tab Add to Cart

I'm really enjoying the MSPC and how it make my product pages engaging and dynamic. 

The plugin does an amazing job of walking a customer thru selecting product variations. Makes it really fun when the product image changes!

But after you pick the last option it just leaves you hanging, wondering what do I do next. Depending on the number of variations and your product page theme, sometimes you have to scroll to see the Add to Cart button. Which is what we all want them to do ... BUY!

I was wondering if it could be a layout option to have the last tab contain:

- Product name

- Summary of what you selected (ie. color: red, Size: large)

- Price

- Quantity selector

- Add to cart button. 

All within the MSPC! So it would be really obvious what to do after you make selections.

With gratitude for an awesome plugin!


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