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Add layouts to module shortcodes

I did try to add this myself in class-frontend.php

case 'layouts':

          new FPDProductsModule(fancyProductDesigner, $moduleClone);


But it only returns one layout.

Best Answer

Added in V3.9.5

In the shortcode builder it doesn't result layouts.

I tried to use the shortcode writing [fpd_module type="layouts"], but it gives me the same problem that explained Rhiannon Doyle.

It shouldn't show the first view, but the alternative layouts.


Added in V3.9.5

I have the same problem

Not sure why this was moved... as it's a feature request.

In the shortcode builder under modules, listed currently is:

- Products

- Images

- Designs

- Text

- Manage Layers

- Text Layers

I would also like to have:

- Layouts

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