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Only show available variantions

Hey guys,

just a small issue I discovered while using this plugin for a client.

I've got a product, which is available in three sizes.

For two of the sizes, there's additional selections in the next step.

I've created the variations accordingly.

If I choose the size, which does not have the extra options in the next step, they are still being displayed. If I choose one of them, WooCommerce shows "No products match your selection".

Is there a way to only display options that are actually available?

Like I choose a size and then the plugins checks which options are available in the next step and hides the rest?

Thanks for any input on this topic!

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I would also like to know the solution to this problem before I buy the plugin.  I se this question has had no reply after 1 month, which is a little concerning for level of support.

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