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New reactive Backend UI in 4.1

We decided to implement the same UI into WordPress as we are using in our ADMIN solution. So with V4.1 you can easily enable the new UI for Products, Product Builder, UI Composer and Designs.

This will become the standard for the next version, so please test the new UI and share any bug in this topic.

If you want to disable it because of a bug, you can easily do that in FPD Settings > Advanced > Troubleshooting. 

UI Composer not accessible when new ui is active

@ Rhiannon Will be fixed in the next update which is coming this week.

Also a question about the auto calculation of canvas size in View Options.... A4 paper size converts to 424x600 - shouldn't that be 595x824?

Latest version throws error when adding new fpd products, on add of text or image - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'deselectElement' of undefined in product-builder.js

@Rhiannon Could you please create a ticket with your WP and FTP login, because we do not have this issue.

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