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Add separate upload folder for confirmed orders


We use the option to save the uploads on the server directly but sometime we have to clean this folder to prevent too much space from being used.

It means that when we go to open an old order, if the pictures have been deleted we won't be able to open it in the order viewer.

It would be great if pictures uploaded for confirmed orders are moved to a different folder, maybe "fpd_orders" so that we can safely delete the content of "fancy_products_uploads" and preserve the functionality of the order viewer in the back-end.

Another idea would be to have something like "fancy_user_uploads" and have both the confirmed orders and the user's saved designs in this folder, so if a user has saved a design without ever making an order and we clean the uploads folder, the user would still have access to his designs.

This probably make more sense, I'd suggest having a structure like so:





---0 (UserID)




---1 (UserID)



Hope this can be considered!

Thank you

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