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Angled Upload Zone

The main feature we are missing from the plugin that I have been pushing for for a while are angled upload zones.

We have a lot of products that we would like to use logos (upload zones) at an angle. The drag and drop logos can be at angles but upload zones only straight.


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We need to implement the same. I already posted a request myself.

Hey @Daniel. I am speaking to developers to try to implement this. If I come up with something I will let you know - so far I have spoken to a lot and none can help.
The FPD team have said there is no plan to implement this feature so far which is really unfortunate as it would be a huge benefit to us.

Exactly the same thing that they have said to me

That option is already disabled. FPD does not allow me to do what I want. FPD continues to process images square or rectangular. It must be able to use an svg object to crop the image with the chosen shape, and use that new size to frame.


I used to use an image editor before, but FPD is better at other things. If they include this functionality it would be perfect in every way.

Yeah it would be. A lot have people have mentioned that it would be a great feature but I don't think it will be available soon from what I have heard back. The way the plugin is built apparently it is very hard to add this feature in also with external developers. 

The way others do it is using svg, creating any shape, then superimpose a layer on top of a single color (always the same color) and then create a clipping area. Thus, when reading the svg, it is easy to identify the path where to insert the image....

Yeah the main problem for us is that we would like the images to be added to the upload zones at specific angles, this is pretty important. I think I have given up with developers at this point - doesn't seem to be getting anywhere unfortunately. I may have to look for another solution or platform.

Competition on other platforms has it, so FPD should include it, if they won't already when they start to lose customers.

Angled Upload Zone

Absolutely needed



Send me an email - ollyeveleigh@hotmail.com

as easy as placing the lego block

Hey @gryadn,

What do you mean?

Included in V4.4.0

Demo: https://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/photo-wall/

To enable rotation for upload zones, please go to Advanced > Troubleshooting settings and enable fabricJS 3.+.

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