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Done button placing options

I designed the UI for the product designer to be as full screen as possible on mobile.

The product designer opens in a lightbox.

On mobile however, the 'Done' button is not visible on some smaller screens (see screenshot), only when the user scrolls down the button is visible.

This is causing confusion: users click on the modal 'close' X but their design is not saved; Also it's difficult to scroll down when the UI is covering the screen.

I now changed this through CSS, but might be a good thing to have the option to put the button on top, in the empty space from the modal.

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can u show css sir

Sorry for the late reply. This is what I'm using, + some custom color, but this is the css for the positioning.

.fpd-done {

    position: absolute;

    top: 5px !important;

    z-index: 999 !important;


you can adjust the size that the user can use at


Example: 400 x 600

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