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FPD on Woocommerce to show the product gallery

Maybe this is simple and I am just not getting it--but, along with the FPD itself, is there a way to have other product gallery images available to the customer on the product page? For instance to show completed customization examples? I have FPD set to take the place of the product image which is fine, but I have other images in the gallery and they are not showing up anywhere on the product page. Ideally I would love for those thumbs to show up under the FPD and open in a lightbox.


Best Answer

You can add images to the product gallery. 


You can add images to the product gallery. 

Yes I did, but they don't show anywhere on the product page...

Actually this could be more related to the theme (Flatsome), but it's tough to figure out the proper settings between it and FPD to get the desired results.

please open a support ticket on our website so we can have a closer look at your issue. 

I actually don't think its an issue, its just an unsupported config I'm sure. If I have it not replace the product image, it shows the gallery fine (with the "Customize") button. I think its just the wording of that setting as it says "replace product image" and not "gallery" so I thought the gallery would still work, but the main image would be replaced by the customizer--which is not the case. Aside from any custom dev, they seem to be mutually exclusive.

Hello: Same issue, any news about?

We are having the same issue. Is there any solutions to this? As its quite important?

ichch hänge mich da einmal an. Habe auch Flatsome.

Hello ! I'm facing the same problem. Has this issue been solved since that exchange? Indeed, the light box replace the main product, which is fine, but erase the image gallery. I'm on flatsome too.

product gallery

You can add product photos, but only 1 photo will be visible, the others will not be visible

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