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change color of some part of the text


How can i change color of some part of the text? Its pretty simple function but when i change color of selected text it change the whole one.

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I have the same problem, I would like to make headings in a block of text a different colour to the rest, but when I try to change it, the whole paragraph changes with it. Is there a fix?

not yet. developer must make changes. funny how until now this was not a problem. 

Thanks for the quick response... if several people would like it, might it be something you could fix?

you are on the community forum. i have the same problem as you. i am not sure if the developer reads all these messages but we can start  a topic here and see what happens


Thanks Adem, I will start a topic then, I really need this to be implemented as its going to be painful for my clients if not!

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