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Anyone else struggling with browser crashing on font size?


Setting up the fixed position editable text boxes is great, but I have a problem.

I'd like the font size to be editable still, which when ticked as an option works as my screenshot attached.

Problem is, the whole browser crashes when selecting a bigger font that is above 200.

I don't actually want the font to go over 50 in reality, but the settings for Maximum Font Size don't seem to apply to fixed text boxes set up in this way?

It's unusable at the moment, as it's so easy for the user to click the slider mid-way which instantly freezes the browser as it tries to draw a large font. Alternative is, I don't let them change the font size.

Am i missing something?

I'm using the latest version of Chrome, on a mac.


I also had problems with the chrome crashing when changing the font size abruptly to a very large font

It's frustrating.

The text field allows control of max font size, which works great - but the text field does not allow wrapping of text in a bounding box which is what I need.

The text box does not allow max font size.

The way I think I'm going to have to do it, is via CSS hide the font size dropdown in the edit popup, which is where it's possible to easily drag the slider too big.

Keep the font size selector in the boxout to the side where it's not so easy as there's no slider, only an up and down arrow.

Not pretty, but that's my solution at the moment.

Same here... 

I had to hide the slider via css. 

The Input-Field seems to cause no problem...

I hope there will be a fix soon.

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