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Inheritable colors

I have a client and we have used Fancy Product Designer. My client has over 40 customizable products, and each product has at least 3 different parts, for which the customer can choose a color. Currently we have 31 different colors to choose from. So now we have a big work to do, since we have to remove just one color from all those ~40 products, and each of those products have at least 3 different parts/layers which has this one color which needs to be removed. Everyone can see this as a huge thing to do. And also same thing waits ahead, if client wants to add just one additional color to each product. 

What I would LOVE to see is the following feature:Inheritable color groups

1. I create a inheritable color group and will name it as "Basic Colors"

2. I put all those 31 colors into that "Basic Colors" inheritable color group

3. Then I assign this "Basic Colors" inheritable color group to all those parts included in all those customizable products

Then later on, if I want to remove or add one color for end users to pick, I will go to modify my inheritable color group named "Basic Colors". After removing the color from that group, the change will be applied to all products and actually parts of the products which has this "Basic Colors" color group assigned.

Plain and simple, and most importantly, really flexible! Don't hesitate to ask if any questions pops up. I'm more than glad to give all needed input to make this happen. I'm pretty sure that we are not the only one struggling with similar changes.

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