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Option to load the light-box resources when "Customize" button is clicked


Since version 4.4 FPD plugin loads all resources before even click the "Customize" button. My product pages from 2 MB became 6 MB and this is bad for SEO and our servers.


My suggestion is to add option to load the FPD light-box resources only when "Customize" button is clicked on customer interaction as it was before version 4.4.

So we, your customers can chose between loading all at once when product page loads as it is now or loading  FPD light-box resources only on click interaction, which shouldn't be so difficult to do.

Hope you at least consider this suggestion, because from my support ticket I got the impression that you just don't care!


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This makes [common] sense... @Angel Nanchev was on point in every way...

If the customer simply looks at the product and decides they don't like it enough to customize it then they'll leave to another product. The time waited (and used server resources) on page loads to not even use the customizer turns into 'time wasted' and 'server resources wasted '. The resources should get loaded [as @Angel Nanchev stated] after clicking 'Customize'; just as they do now anyway.

I kind of would hope the team will reassess this one. Server resources can be precious, esp with a bunch of plugins and tons and tons of products [and variations] all of which create excess overhead; so trying to minimize that in any way possible is a necessary battle. It would be great if you guys could help with that (by making these changes which in-turn helps our page loads and server resources).

You may suggest caching but that still uses server resources. Trying to keep all 'requests' and MB transferred to the lowest possible for best results; as we all know a lagging server will cause potential customers to leave the site completely & get bad rankings on Google... 

Thanks for reading!

Yes Kyle, this was my point.

I am really surprised that almost nobody supported me for this here, neither on the FPD group where I posted my suggestion too. It seems like no body cares for web speed and website SEO optimization.

 I do research and pay for services and plugins to make my website faster and more SEO optimized, but I can't fix this plugin bloat.... I can't delete it either (for now) because too many products and descriptions are related to this plugin and it will require a lot of work to get rid of it once for all. 

They should make general revision of this plugin and optimize it. Also the plugin tries to load : wp-content/plugins/fancy-product-designer/admin which additionally makes requests and slowdown the site ....and answers like "This is the normal behavior for the plugin at the moment so we wouldn't be able to help with not loading this." is not helping.

In the past when I started to create my website, this was my favorite plugin, it made my website more user friendly and helped to look more professional. But after recently  realizing that my product pages became 5-6mb this really annoyed me. So all my efforts to optimize my website are useless because of a single plugin that is like a stick in the wheel. If my product pages for comparison are 500-600kb and load for 1 sec instead of 3-5sec this will have a huge impact in google ranking....but who cares right, it is important to sell the plugin and that it is bloating websites is just...."normal behavior for the plugin at the moment so we wouldn't be able to help with not loading this". 

And who has to fix these problems, the customer? 

I am really disappointed of the plugin and the support. I would not buy again for my next projects for sure. 

The devs of this plugin have to understand that it is not their plugin that sells, it is the website SPEED and SEO OPTIMIZATION in general. And their plugin is just small addition to our sites. This addition have to help and not to pull us down !!!!!!!

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