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Maximum and Minimum size for Designs.

Hi there,

I am just about to launch my webstore that uses FPD. The user cannot upload designs but instead choose from a library of my designs. I want them to be able to move them anywhere on the canvas but I want to set a maximum and minimum the user can resize these designs to. 

The closest I can get is using a transparent (or "add your design here") upload zone set at your maximum size and set to be movable. Then set your design min scale factor and resizeable and movable.

This seems like it would be a fairly simple feature to add.

Kindest Regards,


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So it kind of sounds like you solved what you were trying to do, basically with a transparent 'bounding-box' they can't go any bigger than that (or out-of-bounds). This works for the overall product, but having a max scale per design would be much better.

And I honestly feel like you were really just trying to ask that - if a max scale was possible in general. That is what I'm going to request as well:

A max scale option for the designs [in both places as the 'min scale', like the design category and/or design setting].

This way, if I have a product that has a 20in tall x 20in wide 'bounding-box' they can't simply make one design that big (they can fill the 20in space with multiple designs but just one shouldn't be possible). Best reason for this: There are machine limitations for everything (paint, emb, htv, sub, etc.) including mine which allows only up to 12in diameter so allowing anything bigger than that will cause problems (and delays from contacting the customer about it). Being able to limit per design (and/or in design category - same as min scale) would remove headache on both ends (because there would be no 'too big' or 'too small' problem).

I would prefer to not artificially limit the 'customizable' space (to only 12x12in)...that's just missing out on possible monetization.

Thanks in advanced!

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