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Mobile/Tablet Columns

Is there a way in the Multistep Product to split the columns up within a mobile/tablet view (responsive designed website).

At the moment i have the product set to 5 columns, however these only appear on the desktop version of the site, when it converts to tablet/mobile it switches the columns to 1. This is unfortuantley causing the icons to enlarge to a point of pixalation, two solutions i have in mind is to either have the ability to have an option that selects number of columns visible on tablet/mobile (in addition to the desktop view) or have the ability to adjust the image size when in tablet/mobile mode. I have attempted some basic css but i am at a loss.

I'm dealing with this as well.  Are you able to change when the tablet view shows up.  In developer mode, it's 480 pixels, but I need the one column view to show up at 900.  I wish we could set this... be much easier.

Was there a solution to this as I was wanting to address the same concern with it switching to one column and then going really large. 

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