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Fill all upload zones automatically

The feature of the filling upload zones automatically - described in the following post would be very useful for all users, especially that upload zones are very often used for the designing process:


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That would be a really ingenious function!

Does anyone has a live example from another website how this could work?

You should check lalalab app. It has a nice way of interaction. You can select for example a poster collage with 24 upload zones and the app makes sure that you select the 24 files before going foward. Than it shows the result and you can replace images.

Also when printing for example poloroid pictures. Each file added automatically creates a new view that are shown to the client in the same window. (with a scroll bar)


I added the lalalab app steps print screens as a suggestion how this could be done


(132 KB)
(83.5 KB)
(144 KB)
(48 KB)
(132 KB)

Yep! Really ingenious function

besides the option to fill all the zones in a view automatically like de example above it would also be great to have a option where, for single upload zone products, it would create a new view for each file selected automatically.

For example:

Photo frame with single upload zone.

I would need 4 settings:

1) Allow automatically creation of new view for each file selected (check)

2) maximum allowed : (numeric)

3) Increase price per view created by: (numeric)

4) Increase price only after view number: (numeric)

Don't know if this is understandable

keep up the good work

Yes I also would like to have this option!

Hi, Please, will it be possible to fill in automatically in all views?

much needed feature

All large competitors currently have this feature. Without this feature it is tedious to include dozens of Instagram images.

Check out this website, try to create a mouse pad here and upload a photo, follow all the steps, at some point they offer multiple products with the same photo you uploaded, that will be awesome and will definitely increase sales on our sites.


Added in V4.7.2

Hello rady Kal

Could you please tell us how to use this feature?

Thanks a lot

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