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Fill all upload zones automatically

The feature of the filling upload zones automatically - described in the following post would be very useful for all users, especially that upload zones are very often used for the designing process:


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You can enable these new features in the advanced settings of FPD.


new features in the advanced settings of FPD are enabled.

It doesn't work for me :S

Hello, Still don't working with 4.7.3 version, at least don't work for me.


Works perfect for me


theodoros kyprianou, Could you tell me how you did it?


 isnt working for me too.

does any one know how to use this feature?

Hello, I also asked several times...but no reaction. How does it work??

Hi, no one has explained how this works. I think it is not fair to have a feature that we ask for and not use it because we do not know how. Could you please find a moment to do a little tutorial so that your clients can get the best out of your plugin?


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