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Pricing by % of used area in Printing Box

Price based on percentage of Printing Box usage.

Because we charge customer by Printing machine usage. If machine needs to work on 75% of Printing Box, then price for design s 15€. If machine needs to travel more than 50% but less than 75% then price is 10€ and so on.. 

I think it is good type of pricing for Pricing add-on plugin.

Our use case, example:

Printing Box size: 200x400px

1. Design elements uses: 50x50px so uses less than 50% of total Printing Box, price 5€
2. Design elements uses: 105x205px so uses more than 50% of total Printing Box, price 10€
3. Design elements uses: 150x350px so uses more than 75% of total Printing Box, price 15€

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Awaiting for this feature

Same. I've needed it for couple years.

When can we expect the feature?

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