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Product not fitting in lightbox

Not sure why you deleted my other topic, but the product is not fitting in lightbox for doyle theme, it's going out the bottom, any ideas? Maybe you can politely answer without disrespectfully deleting my request?

That somewhat worked, but the phone/product is still large and the user has to scroll, I'd rather have it fit on screen if possible. But great work still!

Any other workaround for this?

I guess the managers don't look here anymore. :)
Only workaround is making the canvas size smaller.

Yeah I can't do that as it needs to be a certain minimum size. I guess I'll find another plugin.

What size you need?

1400x1400px is ideal

What product?
Several products. Is it important? Mainly phone cases

So that's it then? This is a useless plugin on mobile. Got it.

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