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Dokan Integration

Hi There...

First off, this is a totally awesome plugin, really great work!

However, it is lacking in the Dokan integration quite a bit. 

Would be really helpful if the product designer would be a menu item in the vendor dashboard and if vendors can then save their designs as actual products for selling. In other words, the vendor should be able to upload his design to a template product and then save it for selling, so a customer buys the final product.

Hope it makes sense?

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Hello Sittert, I also want to buy FPD to work with Dokan, the feature you request is exactly what I expect FPD can do. But with your description, seems FPD can't handle the job? I want to know the actual usage when FDP works with Dokan.

The current configuration for FPD and Dokan, does a really poor job. In the vendor dashboard FPD integration with Dokan only creates a link that redirects to the product builder in FPD Plug-in. This is not such a great thing, as a lot of our vendors do not have the technical know-how, to set up and build a product through FPD builder.

I would recommend the developer of FPD Rather setup something similar to what teespring did in their vendor dashboard

Thank you for your response, you really get the point!
I also want the developer of FPD setup something similar to what teespring or redbbuble editor.

(One  qustion:In the website description, the normal output could only up to 72 dpi, do you think the outcome is low in resolution 
or just fine?)

No 72 dpi is really low resolution if the output file will be used for printing.

So, it is better to buy the expensive Pro Export. lol

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