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Warning when unlocking the optional view

If you add a surcharge to an optional view, it would be good if the customer gets a corresponding hint when activating this view.

For example: "This view costs "automatically insert the price for the view from the fancy product here".

I think in the old version this was implemented.

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Yes, we also miss this feature from old one.

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The functionality of the optional view is somewhat unclear for the customer.

Some of my customers have unlocked the optional view, designed the second page of the product and then locked the view again via the lock.

The extra charge for this view is then not charged when it is locked again.

After the order it is unclear whether the customer wants the back side now or not, because it is locked again. Most of the time, however, customers want the reverse side. They think the lock is there to protect the view from being changed. You then have to communicate with the customer at great expense and find a solution, since the optional view has not been charged.

A setting that an unlocked view cannot be locked again would be useful.

I think it was like that in the old version.

You have to explain in detail to the customer how it works. But customers don't always want that. If it's too complicated, they don't buy.

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@Markus Dangl  Exactly! This happens on every second order. The customer unblocks the view and blocks it again, while he wants all the views, the price will of course decrease. It can be seen that customer behavior is the same everywhere :-)

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@Filip Uhlíř This is exactly why I think it needs a setting that prevents the optional view from being locked again.

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