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Please add back the "cropping images" feature

I would like to be able to crop images both in the UI and in the shortcode orders section. This feature was previously implemented and my users and I both rely heavily on the crop feature. I'm not sure this is really a feature request since it was a feature in the version of fpd that I paid for and is now missing, but I would really appreciate it if the feature were added back again. 

I'm attaching an example of why the feature is important to me. On my site, users upload images that need to fit within the blue and green rectangular boxes that have a portrait orientation. If they upload an image with a horizontal aspect ratio, they are currently forced to resize the image to be smaller. They used to be able to crop the uploaded image so that it had the appropriate aspect ratio to fit inside the box. Thank you! 

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All the functions that were in the previous versions should still exist. They should not be removed

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I agree. I want clients to be able to crop their images

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I support this

the crop button is there but is not operative. That is confusing too.

maybe im too numb but i cant find where the crop function is! :|

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@rady kal thanks for the answer and all is working buuttt... when i apply the mask nothing happens! Remains the original image shape without SVG crop! ---> video here ---> https://youtu.be/DUO2i5FM7Qo
* Tried in 2 different browsers and mobile
* Tried in mobile phone
* Can test here - https://casacomigo19.pt/produto/almofada-natal-1/

Other thing:
When you are apllying the mask, it would be nice that you could resize the image to fit the mask.

Thanks for developping this amazing plugin

@radykal is that a solution for me? SVG masks don't work! :( when I apply the mask I see that message 

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