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Genius is here | Our new professional services including PRO export and AI features.

We are excited to share a significant breakthrough in the evolution of our Fancy Product Designer (FPD) offerings. Our innovative new platform, "Genius," is poised for imminent launch. Genius integrates a suite of professional services designed to enhance the functionality of Fancy Product Designer, including our enhanced PRO Export feature. Additionally, we are introducing specialized services powered by artificial intelligence (AI), such as "Remove Background," "Image Upscaling", and "Text to Images".

Genius will be available as a subscription-based model, featuring various pricing plans tailored to meet diverse user needs.

PRO Plan - €19 per month or 249€ as lifetime license

Experience our refined PRO Export capabilities now utilizing the advanced Nodecanvas export method.

Premium Plan - €39

- Includes all PRO features

- Access to AI Services: Background Removal, Image Upscaling, and Text to Images (Limited to 2000 requests/month)

- Full access to our exclusive Premium Templates and 3D Models for enhanced 3D Previews

Important information regarding ADMIN subscriptions and PRO export add-on for WP

Please note that our existing ADMIN subscriptions and the WordPress Export add-on will be discontinued. Customers who have already purchased the WordPress Export add-on are eligible to receive a 10% coupon towards Genius pricing plans by submitting a ticket.

We are confident that these advancements will not only streamline your creative process but also significantly expand your design capabilities. Stay tuned for the official release of Genius, and prepare to transform your design experience with our state-of-the-art AI-powered solutions.

Best Answer

Hello customers,

We're excited to announce the return of the lifetime license for our Pro Export plan!


Additionally, we have a special offer for our valued existing customers. If you've previously purchased the Pro Export addon (199€), you're eligible for an exclusive 80% discount on this lifetime license, bringing your total cost to approximately 50€. We believe this is a great value, especially as it includes an enhanced export method.

To claim your discount, simply open a support ticket and provide the email address used for your original Pro Export addon purchase. We'll verify your past purchase and send you a unique discount code.

Thank you,

The FPD Team

Is not correct. I paid 200€ for the export module and now I have to pay 19€ per month? Is it very expensive. At least if something extra was included in this €19, then it is just an extra fee for those who paid €200. It is more expensive than a website hosting plan

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The Export add-on remains accessible for existing users, although it is no longer available for purchase by new clients. Feedback indicated that the original price of 199€ was prohibitive for many; hence, we have revised our pricing strategy. Our new approach introduces a more affordable entry point, enabling customers to grow their businesses using our solution with minimal initial investment.

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When will this be available?

This week.

I hate subscription when we are hosting our own website etc. Defeats the purpose. We rather have the integration done in a way we can use an api like dalle for text to images.  Not a great approach imho aside from the fact we paid the $200 and multiple support subscriptions putting the amount expended at close to $1000 

We just launched our new service platform Genius.

That means we also do not offer longer the ADMIN subscriptions and the Pro export add-on for 199€. All customers who are already purchased one of these products will receive a 10% discount coupon when subscribing to one of the new plans in Genius. Just create a ticket and tell us your email that you used for the purchase. 

We also put all the code into one plugin, so there is no need to have an extra plugin installed in order to use the Pro export and the other features that comes with Genius.

On top of that we decreased the price of the Wordpress plugin from 79USD to 59USD. That change will also affect the cost of the support license and make it cheaper when extending the support.

I hate subscriptions, it's more expensive than my VPS monthly. I dont use "AI" sh*t, i just wanna export at high quality from my VPS Processing Power. Please give that option back, let people choose.

I know it's a business model. But you cant change things just like that and shuffle in people's neck a new subscription, let people choose.

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Like Raoul said! This is pretty much bait and switch tactics and are very wrong. Us that paid for these features should at least be grandfathered in and if moving on dont want to offer that to new customers that is fine but this is not…

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It is sad to read as it has been less than 11 months since I bought the PRO Export add-on from you for €199.00. + extra support etc. In the 11 months you have completely rebuilt the product that I originally fell for, and now you are also creating a subscription model. Offering a 10% discount is not reasonable, you should be able to do better if it e.g. is under 12 or 24 months customers have paid you €199.00.

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As previously stated, you can continue utilizing the Pro export add-on alongside the update, without the necessity to opt into subscription plans.

We've received numerous messages indicating that the initial price of 199€ was perceived as steep by several customers looking to start their businesses. In response, we now provide a subscription-based pricing model, a common approach for services of this nature.

To get Genius, do I just sign up to the premium service? Will it give me a different zip to install?


That is one good thing about Genius - no other plugin needs to be installed. After subscribing to a plan, you will get a license key, which you enter the Genius backend settings and you are ready to go.

Agree completely with everything said. I was just on the verge of buying the PRO Export after testing the export function through ADMIN and it is far more cost effective in the long run. One of the primary reasons I was sticking with FPD was the opportunity to upgrade to this solution. Having ONLY a subscription option is really too bad. Why not continue to offer both options? There are several plugins out there that do this. 

Honestly, I would much prefer access to the API and allow me to export to whatever file storage I want beyond Dropbox and AWS. 

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When I bought this plugin it was because it was a one-time payment, with time I was including the rest of the Add-ons, and it was ok because it was also a one-time payment, now you guys go on the famous subscription that everybody wants, and it's understandable because it provide so much income.  I am very sorry, but I think that is time to move forward with another plugin, there are more options cheaper than 50 euros a month.

I think that your plugin has improved a lot and you deserve more, but I can't afford it, so thanks for everything, but from today I will start looking for other alternatives.

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