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Genius is here | Our new professional services including PRO export and AI features.

We are excited to share a significant breakthrough in the evolution of our Fancy Product Designer (FPD) offerings. Our innovative new platform, "Genius," is poised for imminent launch. Genius integrates a suite of professional services designed to enhance the functionality of Fancy Product Designer, including our enhanced PRO Export feature. Additionally, we are introducing specialized services powered by artificial intelligence (AI), such as "Remove Background," "Image Upscaling", and "Text to Images".

Genius will be available as a subscription-based model, featuring various pricing plans tailored to meet diverse user needs.

PRO Plan - €19 per month or 249€ as lifetime license

Experience our refined PRO Export capabilities now utilizing the advanced Nodecanvas export method.

Premium Plan - €39

- Includes all PRO features

- Access to AI Services: Background Removal, Image Upscaling, and Text to Images (Limited to 2000 requests/month)

- Full access to our exclusive Premium Templates and 3D Models for enhanced 3D Previews

Important information regarding ADMIN subscriptions and PRO export add-on for WP

Please note that our existing ADMIN subscriptions and the WordPress Export add-on will be discontinued. Customers who have already purchased the WordPress Export add-on are eligible to receive a 10% coupon towards Genius pricing plans by submitting a ticket.

We are confident that these advancements will not only streamline your creative process but also significantly expand your design capabilities. Stay tuned for the official release of Genius, and prepare to transform your design experience with our state-of-the-art AI-powered solutions.

Best Answer

Hello customers,

We're excited to announce the return of the lifetime license for our Pro Export plan!


Additionally, we have a special offer for our valued existing customers. If you've previously purchased the Pro Export addon (199€), you're eligible for an exclusive 80% discount on this lifetime license, bringing your total cost to approximately 50€. We believe this is a great value, especially as it includes an enhanced export method.

To claim your discount, simply open a support ticket and provide the email address used for your original Pro Export addon purchase. We'll verify your past purchase and send you a unique discount code.

Thank you,

The FPD Team


Regarding the AI Text to image functionality, currently you offer 3000 calls/Month: 

  • What will happen if I exceed that? 
  • Will I be charged separately?
  • What AI engine are you using?
  • Will I need to add my API key?

Please elaborate of that


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1. Right now we do not have any customers who reached that limit, in that case we can talk about a rate limit increase within individual plan.

2. What do you mean? You will be charged once per month.

3. We are using stable diffusion.

4. No.

My web site 3000 traffic everyday. Maybe you can api system for own ai and downgrade your price

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Thanks for a quick response.

I was thinking that there's an API Key field in the settings for the AI service

So I can use my own API key, could be for other than Stability, but now I understand that's not the case.

Anyway, I'll examine this new Genius version and see if it's fit my needs.

Thank you.

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