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3D Preview

Hi, can I add 3D file (T-Shirt) to have the relevant 3D preview? I have my 3D models that can be used as base to the realization of the product.


Please follow the below guide to setup a 3D model if you have correct 3D File. But if you don't, we highly recommend you use to model that we offer so that you don't face any printing issues later.

Install and setup 3D models for 3D preview

T-Shirt 3D Model (Male)


T-Shirt 3D Model (Female)

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Many thanks. But I would put my 3D Files and no your standard files. is it possible? We have your PREMIUM service but the 3D files are our proprities.

Yes, you can add it, but make sure you have the correct 3D file as per FPD requirements and follow the guide to get it done correctly. Thanks

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I'm using your exaple for t-shirt. I put an image on front, and no image in the rear. but in the 3D preview the image in showed on both. See attached file within 3 screeshot. 

You need to open that model on 3d software (blender by example) and remove layer custom_1 or other name. The only that still remain must be custom that is the front customizable area

I have a question regarding this... do we need to buy at least 1 of your models after which we can use our own models?

Also if we get the Genius subscription, can we use our own models or only the ones that you provide? If we can use our own models how can we do it?

The thing confusing me about using our own models is that although we can create our own .fbx file in blender, what goes inside the config.json and the environment_map.hdr that are shown in the attached screenshot?

@Asad you don't need to buy any of their models! What you need is to know how it works! You need to have 3 things:


Config.json file


the model.fbx needs to have the model you need named base and a material with same name. The customizable area must be named custom and the material must have the same name.

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