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3d preview colors

Im using FPD since some time ago and now im trying to put my 3d previews to work properly,
The thing that i dont like are the colors generated on preview. The colors of the model itself are fine but the customized area the things looks faded. On blender everything looks fine so, i have no clue why this is happening.

Im attaching photos praying if someone can help me.

Thank you so much

(278 KB)
(310 KB)
(276 KB)
(188 KB)
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I have another website that i use for testing porpuses where i have FPD installed too but i havent updated and its still on version 4.7.9

My issue is related with the colors on 3d preview since i updated to version 6.
Same product using exact same 3d model with same picture returns very different colors. Since version 6beta colors on 3d preview are faded. Is that a known bug that you are working on?

Thank you so much

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