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question about curved text in V6

I want to place two curved texts on a round sticker - like in the picture in the attachment. The product on the picture was made with FPD 4 back then.
- One curved text on top, one on the bottom. Both oriented upwards.

The Problem in FPD 6 is, that in this case I can't use two curved text elements because the two elements overlap. Reason is, that you can't resize the elements unproportional. The elements always must be square. If you resize the element unproportional, the text is also resized unproportional and gets ugly.
In addition, you cannot click on the text in the lower layer without first moving the upper layer away. This means that customers will find it difficult to edit the text.

So the question, if there is a way to place both curved texts on the round sticker like on the picture? Or have I missed something?

Best regards
Carl Jering
(29.5 KB)

Yes, It's possible to do. You can place both curved texts on the round sticker. 

Thank you for your answer ... :)

It's true, this is basically possible.

But as described above, the two elements are then directly on top of each other, so you can no longer edit them well in the frontend. This means that the upper element can be edited well, but not the lower one. Even in the backend in the product designer it is problematic.

In FPD 4, it was possible to create the elements in such a way that one only occupied the upper half and the other the lower half. This meant that the two elements did not get in each other's way. And in the frontend, you could click on both without any problems.

This is no longer possible with FPD 6. Or is there a solution?

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