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Action button shortcode not working in FPD's demo site

I am trying to add Action button shortcodes for Undo, Redo, Reset; but nothing is appearing in the frontend. 

I am using Wordpress/Woocommerce. Everything is up to date. Tried different browsers, devices - no good. Got nowhere fiddling with CSS.

So I went searching for a solution and came across FPD's article about the Action shortcodes at https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/solutions/articles/13000047515-displaying-and-positioning-modules-and-actions-via-shortcodes, which says you can see this in action on their Business Cards demo at https://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/businesscard/

However, it appears that this FPD demo page is having the same issue as I am. The Print button just is not appearing (as per attached screenshot).

Could this be a FPD bug, or am I perhaps misunderstanding the functionality of these shortcodes?

Any clues would be much appreciated!

Best Answer

I found the bug and will be fixed in next update.


I found the bug and will be fixed in next update.

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Sweet! Thanks rady kal. I look forward to the next update.

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