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Drop down menu

Instead of a floating dialog box could you make it so when a user clicks the bottons at the top it drops down as a window/menu and a *done* button to make changes to make it disappear again.

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I have been looking for that feature too...Is there a way to have the dialog box be static on the side of the Product Design box? Right now it covers the Product Designer, you can move it but it goes right back when you click on the product again. Other than that I am not having any issues.


yes it would be great if they could have been set static dialog box or to display a dialog outside surface editing, mainly to interfere with the edited elementeven if we move with him.

Yes I agree with this recommendation. It would be easier for end users to be able to see all drop down options available as opposed to having to go back and forth. The floating boxes also interfere with the preview screen and you have to drag it out of the way. 

This would be a useful feature, especially on mobile.  Sometimes in portrait mode the context window doesn't appear, but it does show up in landscape mode because it is to the side of the product stage. If a drop down is not possible, it would be nice to be able to fix the position of the context window using X/Y coordinates.

Another annoying aspect of the context window is it automatically pops up the keyboard on mobile devices to search for artwork.  The keyboard covers everything, and it results in some confusion when you first open the context window to add clip art.

Another member was nice enough to send me this CSS information. It sets the design element window to the right of the design window. It still needs some tweaking but is a good start. Hope that helps everyone.


Here is the code:

@media only screen and (min-width : 960px) {
.fpd-context-dialog {
left: 58%!important;
display: block;

That is so helpful thank you! Made a world of difference


When will this feature be implemented? 

Since version 2.1.0 you can set a fixed position to left or right.

hi, can i make the floating designer open from the start and not by clicking "add"?

Is the idea from the topic starter still to be implemented or is the fixed position the asnwer?

I think the fixed position is the answer :(


Awesome! thanks. This made it much faster to customize the look.


I really don't like the floating menu. It should be clear what you can do as customer in just one view. 

Also, the floating menu is overlapping my menu. And it is in front of the "in cart" button. And the fixed position overlaps the design so i cannot use that

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