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Drop down menu

Instead of a floating dialog box could you make it so when a user clicks the bottons at the top it drops down as a window/menu and a *done* button to make changes to make it disappear again.

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+1 for the drop down menu option - this would make it much more clear what can be customized rather than having the customer just clicking on random art to find out.

Yeah everything should reside within the product designer window using drop down menu like previously suggested it would of been more user friendly and also the share feature should be incorporated into the save, load & print menu I think it conflicts with other share icons for the general product page. Also as K Veld mentioned the fixed locations for the dialog covers the design window. I suppose this would be okay if you were wanting to open it up in lightbox full width but not for replace product image. Also the drop down menu idea would then make the plugin mobile friendly. Just my thoughts...

Hoping the developer will come up with a solution for the floating dialog box very soon. In the meantime, I've found that giving the background some transparency makes the box a little more tolerable for the end user.

I added the following to my custom CSS to create a dark transparent box. It also changes the text to make it more legible on the dark background. I'll attach a couple of screenshots to show how it looks.


.fpd-context-dialog {

    width: 400px;

    background: rgba(56, 56, 56, 0.85);


.fpd-content-edit .fpd-list-row.fpd-sub-option label {

    color: #FFFFFF;

    font-size: 12px;

    text-transform: uppercase;

    font-weight: 700;


.fpd-list-row i {

    font-size: 20px;

    font-weight: 900;

    color: #ffffff;


.fpd-list-row>div {

    padding: 12px 0;

    color: white;




the ideal (for me) would be the same interface as in the opencart Version, 

Oh no not full window its not really blending with your website then. I like the replace product image its just I wish there was dropdown menus for the options and possible more quick link icons for text and images instead of using the menus.

#Bryan Gray - tried those css chnages but they don't work for me seems like somethings overriding them and no transparency.


Added the transparency by Bryan Gray above and I think it looks great on our site. Great mod.


Guys I am going to start with the next big update soon. 

It will allows you to create different layouts. So you can choose the best user interface for your business.

Look forward to the update :) Thanks Rafael.

#Bryan Gray - work great added to site css instead of FPD css settings and don't get overwritten now. Thanks for sharing those!


Thank you Rafael. We really like FPD and are anxiously waiting your update!


#Gregory or #Bryan Gray - Can you send a screen shot of the custom CSS in FPD plugin? 

Screen shot attached of where I put my custom CSS for FPD. 

I tried the code that Bryan posted but it doesn't work. 


#morgan it did that for me also I think the plugin overwrites css in the FPD  settings unless you add !important like you have done for your other css  modifications. Alternatively add it to your websites css then it won't be ignored.


I found that the code needs to go in my theme's custom css.

I also placed the code in my theme custom css.

Thanks #Gregory this works for my site! 

I have a specific question regarding your site. I see that you are using the Woocommerce multistep configuration plugin along with Fancy Product Designer. Before I purchase this additional woocommerce plugin, can you tell me if you can set specific colors (i.e. Text and images) per t-shirt color selection? 

For example, when I'm on your site and I choose a white t-shirt, the ink colors that show up still include white. Obviously you don't want to print white on a white shirt, so can you assign specific ink colors to each shirt color selection?


We thought of this as well. As far as I can tell so far it seems the FPD does not know what shirt color has been selected in the MSPC so Ink Colors cannot be limited. This would be a great addition though.

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