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Drop down menu

Instead of a floating dialog box could you make it so when a user clicks the bottons at the top it drops down as a window/menu and a *done* button to make changes to make it disappear again.

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how to set design in specific area where i need? please help me which option i will use?


Improved in 3.0.0. Now you can select between different layouts.

The new update is exciting to test my only suggestion now would be to merge the Add image & choose from designs together so it's all one *ADD* menu. "Add image/design"

Also I've noticed the colour options/other options now attaches to the layer as apposed to a floating dialog box with the UI changing which is understandable but this is not attached to the menu like suggested. I do like the style of it however it conflicts with some of my layers I use for background options that are to the size of the FPD frame so the dialog for option is appearing outside the frame by wrapping to the layer. It also seems to happen when adding a photo, if the picture if scaled to frame size the options appear outside is there a way to appear inside instead of outside?


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