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Image transparency like in T-shirt demo


I am trying to recreate the image transparency that I have seen in the T-shirt demo on the FPD website. I think there was some topics about this in the old forums but I have not seen anything here.

Can someone help ?



Best Answer

 Hi Ben,

You can load the demo of the T-Shirt into FPD, see how it works, then you can see the layers in Fancy Products, view the layers separately as images by looking in your wordpress media and edit the images individually in photoshop  after downloading them to your desktop etc if you wanted to recreate it yourself.

I had problems with the dulling of colors using Photoshop. The GIMP color to alpha took care of that problem for me. I seriously believe that is the best option for creating the overlay layer. go here you can see my colors are not changing at all....http://mymegagym.com/shop/ladies/chalkboard-t-shirt-ladies/  my base layer is a solid dark grey.


Hi Joe, I have the same problem, I do not know how to bring a transparecy into a t-shirt. 

"I think I made a copy of the original image, turned it grey scale and made the blending option screen. Next I used the color range selection tool, and selected the dark/shadows in the garment. I inverted the selection and masked that out. Then I dropped the opacity to 10 percent and saved the file (with the original image hidden) as a .png file. "

Is there a taturial in which this is explained?

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