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Bulk Add of Colors

In the older versions, in the Product Builder area, you could add multiple colors at once by separating with a comma.  This feature is still available in the main settings, but becomes tedious to do this with each element when there are many colors to choose from (dozens).  It would be great if this feature was re-implemented.  Thanks!

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I think you can do this in fancy product designer>settings Tiffany. So it's standard for every product don't quote me though haha as am away from my computer to check my site.

Yes it works fine in the settings - it used to work inside the Product Builder too, however I am not using the Fancy Designs when creating the product.  I am simply loading a new png... it doesn't pull that list of color for some reason, I am guessing those settings only apply if they are from the Design section of the plugin?  I can't find any color settings for new elements that are loaded while inside of the Product Builder.

Hi Tiffany,
I've just tried it myself and it works for me. Two things, double check your not missing a commar in FDP>Settings>default element options. Under image>colours. DOuble check everythings as it should #000000, #FFFFFF, #****** etc.

Secondly file format, it can only be set if the image you upload is a PNG, try it with a JPG & a PNG, the jpg you will be only able to change filter, the PNG you have full control over the colour. So basically it will only work with png files. Hope this helps. Regards,


Under image options --> Colors  I have placed #FFCCCC,#FFDBCB,#FFECC8 in that box.  I am in the Fancy product builder, using a transparent PNG shape.... only one shape.  I have nothing in the color boxes there.  Save the layers.... and when I view the product, I click on the image, and nothing happens - it doesn't pull the colors from the settings menu.  So for you images loaded while in the Product Builder (not the design library) work from the color settings?  If so I guess I should open a ticket.  Thank you for your help.

Once my settings issue is resolved, I still think it would be great to be able to add colors in bulk within the Product Builder itself too :)

(19.2 KB)
(33.3 KB)
(20 KB)
Ah I see what your saying now sorry I didn't understand from the beginning I thought you were talking about things you add to the design as apposed to elements that are already incorporated into your Fancy Product. Yeah you will need to add all the hex colours manually.

I would also love to see this option implemented, an option to create a "Group Of Colours" in the settings would be ideal. This way each element can call a specific group of colours rather than having to manually enter them each time.

This feature has been added in version 2.1.0.

Can a color picker be added to shapes (SVG?) instead of only specific color choices?

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