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How to add individual fancy product into a woocommerce product without using category?

Hi~just got a question: How can we add individual fancy product into a woocommerce product without using category??

And when could we reorder all the fanycy products like reordering all the views? It’s really quite essential I guess~: )

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I am going to improve this in the next bigger update thats coming in May. Then you can decide if you want to select single fancy products or categories!

Yes I second  that idea. It would be very useful to have this functionalityindeed. 

That way we would be able to use FPD plugin to design individual woocommerce product so that we can sell it to other online clients.

The faster we can have this functionality the better. :)

Yes, this would be very useful functionality. One woocommerce product referring to one design only instead of many designes. I assume the only solution now is to use one design per category that end up having abundance of categories. Unless there is other workaround.

BTW very very good tool, I am surprised by the functionality and flexibility! :)


Please vote for this functionality so that the author knows that it's important for us..  and perhaps implement it faster. :D


how can i add .change products lable in below templete 


any fix available ? i am in same situation 

This feature has been added in version 2.1.0.