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Button to "Duplicate" items in Product Designer

Good day. Loving the newest versions of FPD!

Feature request: it would really streamline the product design process to have a button to DUPLICATE any current item in the product designer (back end).

For example, if I make a text item and want another one with the same font (all all other attributes: colors, customization options, bounding box settings, etc.), it would be great to able to click a "duplicate" button to create a copy without having to start from scratch.

This would also be great in the front end designer, but not as necessary.

Thanks for considering this option.


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This feature has been added in version 2.1.0.

Can the user duplicate text like they can duplicate designs? 


Couldn't this feature also be added to the FPD product itself? I know that exporting and importing works, but a duplicate button should be easy.

Is there a feature to duplicate text on the front end after I have added a text field to the back end?

I'd also like to see a duplicate button for the text elements too.

Can you please provide an update on whether the "Duplicate Text Field" option/button on the FRONT END (by user) will be implemented in future versions (as referenced in images provided by Morgan Creech above)? It would significantly simplify the user experience when trying to add additional text fields using matching formatting (font type, size, line height etc). 




I would also appreciate a solution to add a copy icon in the front end for users as is it in the back end.  




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