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Upsell Other Products with Same Design

 It would be cool to have the design that the user made available for upsell so they can purchase the design on other printed products. I'm using this for t-shirts and I'd like to be able to automatically put that same image on a bag, hoodie, or pillow and ask the user to add them to their cart.

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Can anyone please share some steps or a video on how to use cross sells? I am trying since yesterday but can't get it to work :(

Included in 4.0.0

In V4.0.0 you are able to enable this feature, but we implemented an own Cross-Sells display, because displaying the design of the customers in the cross-sells of the theme might lead to different issues. Many themes are using their own HTML structure for these cross-sells items.

All infos can be found here: https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/solutions/articles/13000063182-displaying-cross-sells-products-when-adding-a-product-to-the-cart

3 years ago and nothing! Come on, people are willing to pay for this, make it happen!

Would've been great if this had been done... 3 years ago requested... I'm waiting for this!  It would also be good to have override options for Product View:

- show original product image if no uploaded Fancy image

- detect logo / avatar - this would allow anyone to see their already uploaded logo auto before any Fancy upload

- detect last uploaded Fancy upload

- randomise uploaded Fancy uploads

- auto select images and or custom options from Vendors e,g if a marketplace which are really common now it detects the customer role Vendor then uses their logo for their products

I wait in anticipation... It is in your favour probably to work on this as a request as obviously it's very popular

Waiting as well, would pay

Add me to the list of people waiting.  Absolutely would pay for this. 

Yes! I would like to do exactly what you are asking for as well.

If you go to vistaprint.co.uk they add your design to lots of other products to encourage you to purchase. E.g - if you design a business card with logo, they will automatically show you previews of your logo on flyers, tote bags, pens, t-shirts etc.

This would be a great feature. I noticed it's been marked as planned. I wondered if anyone at FPD has any more info on progress?

Is there a demo of this so we can see what it looks like?

Me too.

This would be fantastic!!! If anyone has a work around or code to do this, please share :) 

I would pay for this feature too!

Hello, i like this idea . i think its even natural process with those type of trading, i saw this function in so many places.

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