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Better PDF support

Better PDF creation would be a great addition to this plugin.

If it is to be taken seriously by the print industry, then the PDFs that are exported really need to have fonts embedded.

The whole point of an online designer is that it saves the Printer/Webstore owner time. If they have to recreate a product from scratch to send to print then its not really saving time.

Not a criticism, just my view as to where the plugin is lacking.

Overall a very, very good piece of software.

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Here's a bug that we're having with the new admin.fancyproductdesigner.com:
The product below has a black (slate) background, and a transparent overlay, that represents a piece of flat glass.
A bounding box to the outline of the glass was configured as well, in a way to "cut" everything away that is outside the bounding box.

As you can see in this "configuration" there is a photo, a text (Ferd), and a vector graphics (the Heart), All individual Items have a rotation.


Since we want (need) to treat the photo, the text and the heart icon differently before production, we need to have them exported as indivual items.

So clicking on Single Element, selecting the photo, setting image format to PNG and checking use origin size [...] will export the image.
If it's not rotated, it exports correctly, however in this example, it is rotated, and the result is quite strange:

The rotation value seems to be correct, but the image's position is way off, unfortunately outside of the bounding box:


Other than this bug these export feature do enhance the "backend experience" a bit. As explained in my previous post above, I can not test the layered PDF feature.
However still missing is some sort of automation. We have to click a lot to export all individual layers, and since we can modify FPD itself, since we have the sourcecode, we would not be able to adapt this backend to our needs, since we don't have access to the source code.

I would love to hear from others, what they think.



FPD made a great job. Thanks for a such good job guys. Just want to say thanks.


The reason for the ADMIN solution I wrote down here: http://admin.fancyproductdesigner.com/#benefits

I am closing this topic now. If you are thinking ADMIN is still missing some important features for the export, please create a new topic and explain your desired features with all details:

  • What kind of functionality and why do you need it?
  • For which industry do you need it (Print, Apparel etc.)?
  • Provide an example or a different solution, if possible.

Thank you.