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Allow for watermark or logo to be added to Downloadable, Printable, and sharable images generated

We would love a way to add our logo to the images that people download, print, and share so that our name is on there.

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Is it possible to have a png file downloaded after the purchase ?

Added in 3.0.0

Is it possible to have the PDF available for instant download after the item is purchased?

Because we are not using woocommerce. Also that doesn't really accomplish the same thing - we only want the watermark to show when they download the pdf or share their design. Not while they are designing it or viewing the product .

What about if you just use this for the watermark? http://www.woothemes.com/products/product-image-watermark/ :) 

For our site we add a text layer with the website link on there, and used Woocommerce Checkout Add-ons to allow the customer to pay to remove the watermark from the printed product :)

It would also be great if the shareable / downloadable images / PDFs would have information like Product title, colors chosen, and filters used.

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