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Different Product Design for different variations

Just wanted a minor feature which other woocommerce product designer offers but this plugin doesn't :-

-- It would be great if we could assign separate design for different product variations , so if customer chooses variation from dropdown and click Customize button, it loads variation specific design in stage/customizer canvas

I hope author will consider this feature

Thank you


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I think he means like this example. Same design on different products. I need this future....

This has been resolved but does not work with the Multistep Product Configurator custom attribute. help!

A better variation support would be indeed good to see!

The WooCommerce Products Designer by OrionOrigin does this. I tested this plugin but it has been giving me issues so I switched to Fancy Product Designer.

The link below directs you to the designer page where you can first chose the color of the shirt, then when you go to customize, it'll load the black color of the shirt.

I really hope Fancy Product Designer can implement this because it would really be useful for my sites as I want to sell various T-Shirts with different colors and want to load that T-shirt color within the designer.

Link to Designer Page:


I really need this feature for my product


I recommend just moving the metabox with the fancy product template to the woocommerce product metabox. For single products e.g. to general and for variations to the variation tabs. In my opinion it's also more consistent than a seperate metabox on products edit page.
Is this already implemented?


This works, but has one big problem: Any pre-defined Text Boxes gets reset to their standard content/placeholder every time you change the product this way. I spent hours setting my shop up with product variations, only to find out I couldn't use it. Created tickets, didn't get any attention.

I hope this feature be available soon.

This feature will leave the much more versatile plugin and solve other feature requests.


The other problem is that you can't set "individual product settings" per variation. If my variations are based on size, I've got to be able to adjust my bounding box size requirements. Also, image requirements change in terms of pixel requirements.

IMO, this was not implemented very well. It should be modified.


Do you guys have an example of another solution with this kind of feature?!

Its included in V3.4.3, now you can set a product for every variation. In the WooCommerce settings you also find an option to display the "Customize" button first after a variation is selected.

Customize button not showing after variation select


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