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Text align / origin

I want to use your amazing plugin for a business cards customization. For this utility and other stationery products, It would be nice for a better user experience, that the texts remain aligned according to their position and design. Currently, is only possible to align to the center, but as I can see here: http://fabricjs.com/kitchensink/the library allows anchoring the origin of the text.

Watch the video below where I personalize a business card on your demo, another on: http://fabricjs.com/kitchensink/ and another in a good competitor website (moo) and the only one where is misaligned is in the demo (see the attached screenshots). Other competitors like vistaprint, zazzle or others have solved this issue.

It would be great to perfect this functionality. Is it possible to implement it in next updates?


Since the latest version you can set the reference point(origin point) in the product builder for text elements.


Oh! Great news! Thanks a lot for your reply.