Action buttons are displaying in the product stage and can be individually in different positions.

var pluginOpts = {actions:  {
	'top': ['download','print', 'snap', 'preview-lightbox'],
	'right': ['magnify-glass', 'zoom', 'reset-product', 'qr-code'],
	'bottom': ['undo','redo'],
	'left': ['manage-layers','info','save','load']
var fpd = new FancyProductDesigner($('#fpd'), pluginOpts);

 Available Actions

download Allows to download the product as PNG, JPEG or PDF.
print Prints the product.
snap While dragging an element, it will snap to helper lines.
preview-lightbox View the product in a lightbox.
magnify-glass Enables a magnify glass.
zoom Zoom via a slider.
reset-product Resets all elements in the product to origin parameters.
qr-code Allows to add a QR-Code.
undo Undo 
redo Redo
manage-layers Displays a list to reorder/select layers.
 info Displays a custom message in a modal. The text can be set via the language JSON.
 save Saves the product in the browser
 load Loads a product from the saved products in the browser.