This will be flexible for drag drop to set position of bounding box

Note: all configure in FPD setting will apply for all image upload via button Add image, Add text. Not for image upload from upload zone and clip-art from Choose from designs

Step by step to set Use another element as bounding box

1. Configure at FPD setting

At Default element option tab, scroll find Use another element as bounding box -> Yes

2. Set name forĀ Bounding Box Target

With this example, i set name is Base

3. Create Bounding box when build design page

We build design page normally, but when we need create a bounding box, we create a image element to make it become a bounding box.

With this example, i create like image below with the name of element is Base. Before lock this element, we can be flexible to drag or drop to move this element.

4. Finish