This PDF export service is only available via our ADMIN solution, due to a PDF rendering engine that can only run in our system. The Automated Export can only be used when you subscribe to the Premium plan in our ADMIN solution and is available since version 3.9.2 of Fancy Product Designer plugin.

First of all you need to connect a WordPress site with the ADMIN solution and subscribe to the Premium plan in the Subscription page for the connected site. After that you will see the API key  in the Site Configurations, that you need to copy.

Go back to your WordPress backend and select the Automated Export tab in Settings of FPD and paste the API key.

Now you can set the options what kind of file should be exported and who is gone to receive the file. When using WooCommerce and you select "Customer" as recipient, the customer will get the print-ready file when the order is completed/paid.