Via Element Options you are able to control the properties and behavior for every element separately.

The plugin allows to set plenty of options like position, scale, price, colors and much more. You can define these options in different areas of the plugin.

Set default element options in the settings

Under Settings you can set the default element options.

  • Image Options: The default options that will be used for all Fancy Designs and images that are added by the customer (own images, facebook/instagram photos).
  • Custom Image Options: The default options for uploaded images by the customer.
  • Custom Text Options: The default options for text elements that are added by the customer.

Change the default element options for particular product designers

Some of the default options can be changed for every product designer separately via Individual Product Settings. This will overwrite the options in the main settings.

Adjust some options for views

Under Fancy Products you are able to adjust some options for particular views. I.a. it allows to define different prices for custom added element