Video: Quick Build of Fancy Product Designer for Opencart


Go to admin area -> Extension -> Fancy Product Designer -> Fancy Product -> Products Design (Click on button "Insert"):

Complete information for product design in tab Data , after click the tab Views choose Add View button, choose a title for the view and set a thumbnail for it. This thumbnail will be shown at the right side in the product stage when using more than one view in a product:

When you are done with adding your views, you click Save and Design to buider and manager elements:

Select a view

At the top you find a select dropdown to select the view of a Fancy Product you would like to edit. You can also use the built-in search in the dropdown to search for a particular view.

Add Your Elements

You can add image element and text elements to a view of Fancy Product. First you have to enter a title for that element and after that:

  1. Choose the image from the media library when adding an image element
  2. Set the default text when adding a text element
After that you are able to select the element from the items list in the Manage Elements section or click on them in the Product Stage. You can lock/unlock each element for editing when clicking the lock icon. This is very useful when editing the elements and you would like to select one from the product stage, but over that element is another element. So when you lock one element to prevent editing, you can select the subjacent elements easily.

To change the z-position of the element, you have to drag the associated list item to the desired position. When you change that position, you are going to see the changes in the product stage.

Edit Parameters Of An Element

Here you can change the parameters for the selected element. You can change the position, angle, scale also via this form.

Product Stage

If you can’t touch an element from the product stage after adding it, save the elements and try it again.

This is an exact copy of the product stage on the frontend. It has dimensions you set in the settings. You can also select an elment for editing from here.

*** You can also do the same for Product Design Ideas ***