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Share how you are using Fancy Product Designer in your website

Hello community,

show your usage of Fancy Product Designer in your website to other users. There are many users who want to see real usage of Fancy Product Designer....so here you can share the link to your website and maybe make some extra sales ;)

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We have implemented product designer on most of our products Photo Land 

We also added 3D Mug rotation https://www.photoland.in/personalized-photo-gift/photo-mugs/personalized-mug/anniversary-mug-style-6/

Still few things to complete. Any suggestions are welcome.

Annamalai Veerappan, that is fantastic!!!

I would love to see a similar feature for business cards, etc. in a future update. Thanks for sharing!

Annamalai Veerappan. That is good job.

What plugin you use for 3D view? 

Did you sell all product mockup?


For 3D view i wrote custom code using threejs and you have create the 3D object of the product you want to use.

Annamalai Veerappan. Im not coder. Im end user. Can you give me your email or contact me: tb.manhten@gmail.com

I want deal with you about 3D plugin and some product mockup.


We use the FPD to make pinback buttons. Love the plugin, but still need some more features. https://www.dailybuttons.de

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Annamalai Veerappan - Your set up look the best. I like the UX of the designing process. Looks like you have spent a lot of time and effort in making the website with all the contents. So many SKU's !

Wishing you the best of luck!

hi I'm using this Fancy Product Designer plugin for my ecommerce where user can customize the design of their selected products & i want to add a 3d preview option for my products . this plugin does not support 3d preview but I visited a website which there is a 3D Preview button. you can see the 3D preview option for a product which I'm looking for infect this reference site is using the same plugin but they have added some custom code in three.js. I don’t know what’s this code the owner of the website used.

I use FPD and now when customers upload their photos on my website, they can see their mugs in a realistic way.Check it up: Canecas Personalizadas

Before when they uploaded images to customize their mugs, they saw the image like a retangular, square in front of the mug, it was not so cool, now it wraps around all the mug.

We do stamps and engraving signs


Have been selling personalised wine for a few years now at https://www.thewinepoint.com.au/. Love the idea of the 3D preview. Any idea how I can do this?

We create web-stores which enable customers to print and post their correspondence (greeting cards, photographs, personal and business letters, post cards) online.

We sell various custom products and our own designs, check out this canvas, we also use MSPC



Hello Annamalai,

I hope you are still working on your 3D mug project. How did you manage that your graphic on the cup has a reflective surface ???
Can you give me tips on how and with what I can get the same result?

Thanks in advance!




Want to use Fancy Product Designer onto our website 

Just in learning process. Want to implement onto our website http://www.onlineframing.in

Although this thread seems old but all new replies will be helpful.

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